Battle of Copenhagen Age of Sigmar - 2024 - Age of Sigmar - 2024

Tournament intro

We are proud to announce yet another Battle of Copenhagen tournament. We have tried to keep it simple for everyone included. Enjoy another Battle of Copenhagen - We’ have made an arrangement that is:

  • Two day tournament - five games.
  • Will be held at Østerbro. (Kildevæld Kulturcenter - Bellmansgade 3C, 2100 København)
  • 320DKK for each player.
  • Community dinner on Saturday. The menu will come later but it will be vegetarian.
  • And uses the exciting and fun element of camaraderie in the Age of Sigmar community!

Game scale

Each player brings along an army of up to 2000 pts.

Registration and Tickets

You can buy a ticket here.

  • The base ticket - 320DKK.
  • The ticket is not refundable once purchased
  • Ticket sale will be shut down on the 3st of February.

Painting requirements

You can only participate if your army is fully painted.

Your army is fully painted if you agree with all points below

  • The base rim is painted with a solid color across the entire army
  • All models are highlighted with the correct colors in the the correct places
  • The army makes use of at least three colors

Armies Allowed

Army composition:

  • Armies allowed: All factions are allowed. Even those missing an GW FAQ.
  • We will make house rules on factions without FAQ.
  • All warscrolls with pitched battle profiles can be used.

Scoring system

Points from each game will be awarded based on the differential system noted below.

Difference in VPs

Player A

Player B




Minor Victory






























House Rules

We are playing with aosfaq read more here; here

Will be updated if necessary.

Army List Format

The army list should be created with Warscroll builder

You should use the ?-mark icon, and the “full”-option and copy the text and paste it into the body of the mail.

Your army list must include:

  • All units and their cost
  • Who the general is
  • All artifacts
  • Command trait(s)
  • Spells
  • Prayers
  • Endless spells
  • Battalions
  • Extra command points
  • Triumphs
  • Enhancements
  • Grand strategy
  • Drops

If you submit a list that is not in the correct format, the list is not "approved”, and your list is not submitted in time.

Army list submission

  • The army list should be created with Warscroll builder. You should use the ?-mark icon, and the “full”-option and copy the text and upload it into the event on... (more info will come)
  • Submission date is 17th of February

Submit your army list to this email:

You still need to register for the event here; here

When opening stats and ladders, first make sure that you have a profile and are logged in.

Special days

18th of December - Signup begins

2nd of February - Tickets sales will be shut down

10th of February - Army list submission deadline

24th of February - Gameday

25th of February - Gameday


Time Event Scenario
Saturday, 24 February 2024
09:20 Open
09:45 Hello and Welcome
10:00 First Game The Icefields
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Second Game The Frigid Zephyr
17:00 Community dinner
19:00 Third Game Fountains of Frost
22:00 Auf Wiedersehen
Time Event Scenario
Sunday, 25 February 2024
08:30 Open
09:00 Fourth Game No Reward Without Risk
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Fifth Game Limited Resources
16:00 Cleaning
16:30 Award Ceremony
16:40 Thanks for now! See you again <3

How we play

To minimize the disagreements between the players, as a baseline always follow the guidelines below. Discuss them prior to a match if you feel the need. If you both agree to play the game differently, that is entirely up to the players at the table.


We would like to encourage people to play with the same dice. In addition, we would also like to encourage people to use the same die for turn rolls

Dice rolls:

Only dice where the bottom is entirely touching either the playmat or surface objective markers are considered rolled. Dices should be rolled so that the opponent can always see what has been rolled. Always remove dice that were unsuccessful rather than the opposite.


Speak your mind throughout the game and make clear with your opponent what your intention is, then ask your opponent if he agrees with your intention. Stick to these verbal agreements.


Making the fewest mistakes is an important aspect of Age of Sigmar. We do not play with takebacks


As a general guideline, when you are moving a model, try to avoid shifting it around excessively before you finalize its new position. To avoid that, it is always a good idea to move the model its maximum distance, and then only move it backwards before you finalize its new position.


As we only have 3 hours to play each round we use chess-clocks to the best of our ability. It’s a good practice as the hobby is moving in this direction for competitive games.

Social Media

You can use Discord or Facebook to chat or ask fellow players questions about the tournament.